But it’s April!

When I looked out the kitchen window this morning I saw this:

Weather, I don’t know if you realize this, but… it’s April.
When I said “April showers bring May flowers” the other day, I meant RAIN showers not snow showers!

We’re not so sure about this.
Normally we love snow, but lately we’ve been enjoying some really lovely spring weather and the snow just sabotaged it!

“This is getting old.”

Petal seems to be pretty happy with it though. She was bouncing around in it this morning.

“YAY! Snow!”

Ella is not a happy dog. She’s tired of this cold weather and this snow!

“Aaahhh! The frozen white fluff is back! Let me in!”

When I went out to get the Collies after their morning potty break I found Lassie like this:


One of his eyebrows was made of snow!

“This isn’t fun anymore. Let me in!”

“I know I was excited before, but… my nose is frozen!”

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is warmer than ours!


14 thoughts on “But it’s April!

  1. Boo to snow! You have lovely dogs, I’m looking forward to following your adventures in the future :)

    Your latest follower,

    EllieC (and Cedar, Moss, Ember and Scully)!

  2. Oh no! There’s nothing worse than getting nice weather and then having it turn on you! Brrr! Lassie is looking pretty cute with the snow on his head there though! :)

    • There really isn’t anything worse. Except for maybe the mud it brings, haha. The weather has been much nicer lately, though!

  3. Brrrr. When even long-haired dogs get tired of snow, you know there’s just too much! Maybe spring will return tomorrow. We’re signing on to follow you (I grew up with Collies). Stop by and visit the Airedales!
    Sherry, Alanis & Miro

    • Definitely!
      Thanks for following! Your Airedales are gorgeous! I’ve met a few Airedales before and they seem like such sweethearts.

    • It is getting a little late in the year, but that’s Utah for you, I guess, lol. It has been warmer lately though! :)

  4. Well, one day you guys are grazing with the horsies and the next making snowballs!!! Hope it goes away soon:)

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