This is the dogs’ Octopus:

This is the dogs’ Octopus after Ella tries to twist his eyeball off:


Yup. He’s cross-eyed now.

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5 thoughts on “Cross-eyed

  1. I guess cross-eyed is better than no-eyed for Mr. Octopus! LOL! They always seem to go for the eyeballs first, don’t they!

  2. BLAHHHAHAHAH!!! Oh man…we would have torn that eye off and then pulled the stuffing. That’s our favorite. Then we run around the living room as mama yells stop!!!! Oh we love it. :) Happy Monday!
    ~Weinerful Gang~

  3. haaaaaaa…good job Ella:) please just make sure you don’t swallow those buggers! have fun with your octopus:)

  4. The eyes are always the first to go, you guys are so right! I found Mr. Octopus’ eye on the kitchen floor later that day. I tossed it in the trash. Poor Octopus has just one eye left, hahaha!
    Don’t worry, Pooky, they like to pluck them and then spit them on the floor, and I keep an eye on them, just incase. 😉

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