My Dog Does the Grocery Shopping

I was pretty impressed when Petal, on her own accord, began raking the yard for me one afternoon. I thought, “Hey, let’s see if she can do dishes, too.” I knew, of course, that she could do laundry as well, I did teach her that, after all. 😉
But now, Petal has decided to take over the grocery shopping as well.
I wasn’t buying enough dog treats, so it was time to take matters into her own paws.
“Got a shopping cart and I’m ready to go!”

“We’re in dire need of some dog biscuits!”
“Funny that dog biscuits is written ten times over on your list. Also funny that it’s the only thing you wrote on your… ‘list’. What are us humans suppose to eat?”
“Quiet Human, you’re only here to photograph my skills. You’ll eat dog biscuits with the rest of us. If they’re good enough for us they’re good enough for you!”

“Excuse me, do you work here? Do you know where the dog biscuits are kept?”

Having your dog do the grocery shopping for you might not be such a great idea.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!


11 thoughts on “My Dog Does the Grocery Shopping

  1. Wowserz! If ‘I’ could do the grocery shopping… I think we’d have ALL the doggie treats we’d ever NEED! 😉

    Happy weekend woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I’m a girl!)

  2. What a happy helper you have there. It certainly comes in handy that Petal has long limbs to push the cart…our shorties here could not do that. Yes, biscuits would be the only thing on the list too.

  3. Petal thinks all of you doggies should take over the grocery shopping, for sure! Get some more treats! ;]

    And I would like to say that Petal is a fantastic little helper.

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