Collie Soccer

“Hey you, lazy human, put that camera down and come play soccer with me!”

“Unless you think you can’t handle it.”

“Wow! That was a good kick! Come back here, ball!”

“I’m right on your tail now!”

“Well played, human.”

Petal’s way of playing soccer is actually very amusing. She often looks like she’s trying to herd the ball. She also likes to run around with it in her mouth and it’s a good sized ball (from Planet Dog, just incase you were wondering, not endorsing anything ;), as you can see, so she drops it often and goes after it again. I should get a video of her playing with it, because it really is very adorable.

5 thoughts on “Collie Soccer

  1. That looks like lotsa fun! I wanna play! :)

    Woofs & huggies, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I’m a girl!)

    Ooh, don’t miss my post today! Teehee! 😉

  2. You sure are good at enticing a game of soccer Petal! Loved you picture that Bailey Be Good’s Momma did of you! Saw it on her post today! :) Awesome!

  3. Like Petal, Tucker loves balls of all sizes. He has since we first brought him home. Petal you are so lovely and keep on playing with the ball and having a good time!

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