Post-bath: Lassie

Yesterday you saw this:

Which after hours and hours of brushing, bathing, drying and brushing again resulted in this:


Look at that, he’s literally sparkly clean.
It’s just too bad you guys can’t pet his silky fur or smell how wonderful he smells.
And no, petting his picture on your computer screen won’t work, unless your screen is made of Collie fur.
Smelling his pictures won’t work either, unless you have a scratch and sniff computer screen.
So you’ll just have to take my word for it. He is soft and he smells wonderful.


By the way, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said he took hours to bathe. It takes me around 2-3 and a half hours to bathe him. Depending on when he was last brushed and bathed and depending on whether or not I bathe him at home or at the self grooming station at our local pet store, Urban Dawgz. It’s much faster at Urban Dawgz with all their great grooming equipment, but I didn’t have $10 to spend on his bath this time (and I couldn’t remember which days were self-grooming days and which days their groomer was in, hah), so we did it at home, which takes longer.


I spent days brushing him before the actual bathing took place.
I had fallen a little behind on the brushing.
Okay, maybe a lot.
But he looks great now! Haha.
Anyway, enough of my commentary, just enjoy the rest of his pictures. :]

I just love smooching that nose!

16 thoughts on “Post-bath: Lassie

  1. He really is gorgeous – and cleans up nicely. 😉

    3 hours though? Yikes!

    You do take beautiful photos, Marquie.

  2. Handsome fellow and I though a Sheltie is smaller I do understand how long it can take to bath and groom a poochie with a full double coat. You need to take a bath to relax yourself after all the work. Still…look how his coat is…gorgeous!

    • Oh Bailey, your post was so wonderful. I was so thrilled and excited to see your Mom chose to draw Petal and what a beautiful drawing it is, too! You’ll have to give your Mom a big hug for us, Bailey! <3

  3. Oh my!!! He looks wonderful!! I wish I could pet him…I’ll just have to pretend:) Love the eye shot:) Gorgeous collie….

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