Leash hooks

Using this tutorial I made these leash hooks for each of the dogs (forever ago) and then yesterday, with help from my Mom, they were finally hung on the wall.
I think they turned out pretty cute! And they were loads of fun to make, too.

For Lassie’s I used a paper bag that looked like an old newspaper, added a button and some black ribbon with dog bones along the inside of the L.

Lassie is wanting a steady woman and she must be a good cook. ;]

For Ella’s I used some plain yellow scrapbook paper and some fun little paper shapes.

Ella is a good doggy.

For Petal’s I also used scrapbook paper, three buttons, a little word bubble that my Dad (he has the best handwriting 😉 wrote “Lets Go!” in, and a little sequin butterfly.

And Petal wants to get going!


So fun! :]

P.S. Lassie laid his head on the keyboard and typed this: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I think it’s his way of saying hi.
I have no idea how he made those last two symbols. How is it that my dog knows more about the computer than I do? Hmm… He must be using it when I’m away…

9 thoughts on “Leash hooks

  1. Awesome job! I must now go make 4 of them LOL, a N, an A, a B and a C
    Nola’s Mom

    • LOL! Better get working! ;] They are lots of fun to make and very cheap if you have a good place to get wooden letters and if you already have scrapbook paper on hand. Or paint!

  2. LOVE the leash holders, ah, so cute!
    also, Lass must know Greek! that last symbol is an Omega!

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