Pretty Ella evokes jealousy in Camera-Happy Collies

I’m sure I’ve said this before (right here in fact!), but Lassie and Petal are in love with the camera.
While Ella couldn’t care less. Every once in a great while she’ll be cooperative long enough for me to snap several shots of her, but most of the time it’s her life’s mission to make every picture of herself a great black blur. And when you try to get a picture of those beautiful brown eyes, just before you can capture those amazing eyes, she closes them or turns her head the other way.

Sometimes bribery works, and other times she just looks like a treat-crazed monster.
But yesterday, yesterday she was in a very mellow mood and I was able to snatch some good pictures of her.
Much to the Collies’ dismay.

While I’m taking these pictures of sweet Ella:

something like this pops up in the frame:

A jealous Collie butt belonging to Petal.

She’s not the only one who will demean oneself by stooping to such drastic measures for a little camera time. Oh no.
A few sweet pictures later, and…


this face will appear in the frame…

“That’s enough! We need some pictures of ME!”

While we all love seeing your handsome face, Lassie (and your adorable fox-like butt, Petal), we love seeing pretty Ella, too!


Even when she ends up with debris on her head.

5 thoughts on “Pretty Ella evokes jealousy in Camera-Happy Collies

  1. Haha! Nola does the same thing! Notice I hardly ever get pictures of my other 3
    Nola’s (and Boston, Auggie’s and Charlotte’s) Mom

  2. You did get some beautiful pictures of Ella, aside from Petals butt!! Just like our house, it’s always pictures of Freddie! LOL!

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