Monday Mischief: Another way the table comes in handy…

The kitchen table, as we all know, comes in handy when it comes time for a snack.
But it also comes in handy when you see this guy:

Out in the yard, guarding the humans while they water plants, while you’re still stuck in the house!


When simply standing in the window does not attract enough attention to you, that’s when the table comes in…

“Aha! Bet you noticed me now, didn’t ya?!”

Petal wasn’t the only one up to mischief over the weekend, our internet has been too, deciding to work only when it wants to. Which was every couple of hours or so and only for five-ten seconds at a time.
Whatever, internet. It’s not as though we rely on you or anything.

Hope your dogs cause much avoid mischief today! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Another way the table comes in handy…

  1. Awwwwwww…poor Petal:( Just wants to be with the humans! Smart doggie to get a better view:)

  2. Maffy our family dog used to like lounging on the table. He was a border collie mix. My mom didn’t like it so much. Sorry the internet is causing mischief.

    Happy Monday!

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