Monday Mischief: Skunked

Last week I signed my Monday Mischief post with the words: Hope your dogs cause much avoid mischief today! 😉
I shouldn’t have done this.
Because right after that I loaded up the car with three eager-for-a-run dogs and took them to the trail with my Mom and someone found a dead skunk. And someone decided to roll in this dead skunk, to ensure that our Monday was filled with plenty of mischief.
This is the mischief maker and skunk-perfume wearer:

Yup. Ella decided that simply sniffing the dead skunk as Petal was doing was not enough. Oh no. Rolling in it would be much, much better. Then the humans can get a good sniff of it, too!

Ella had to sit in the trunk on the way home and we rolled all the windows down. Lassie and Petal went straight into the house while Ella went straight into the dog run outside.
I hoped on the computer and found this recipe for de-skunking your dog:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1 tsp liquid dish soap
  • 1 qt. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution

(found here)
I was skeptical, but desperate, so I tried it.


I mixed everything up, grabbed some gloves and an old towel and set to work.



Ella hates to be cold and I felt like such a monster for bathing her with the cold water of the hose, but thankfully it was a hot day and she warmed back up and dried quickly.


All clean and de-skunked!
That recipe actually worked!

I would also like to sing praises to Dublin Dog for their All Style No Stink collars (the collar Ella wears and the only collar I will ever buy for Miss Destructive). Ella’s collar was the only thing that didn’t smell horribly on this dead skunk loving dog. Any other collar would’ve been tossed in the trash after this little adventure.

P.S. Ella’s Dublin Dog collar is over two years old and has been through all sorts of crazy dog antics and it’s still going strong! This is a dog that would go through collars every two months or less.
And no, I was not asked nor paid to say these things about Dublin Dog. I just love their collars and enjoy sharing products that I’ve found useful. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Skunked

  1. Ugh!! I’m so glad none of the dogs have gotten skunked (I hope I didn’t just jinx us LOL)
    Nola’s MOm

  2. Yep we had our Annie get skunk swiped once and I think we found the same recipe to cure the odor. Most unpleasant your ride home! Poor Ella and all of you but now she is sweet smelling.

    One should always keep a qt of hydrogen peroxide around just in case…..

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