Just so we’re clear…

I may have been bragging about how well behaved Petal was the other day, but she doesn’t want you guys going and getting the wrong idea or anything.
She’s not a perfect angel ALL the time.
A dog has got to have some fun after all.
So this is Petal. On crack.
Not really, but she was being crazy last night and that’s not even the half of it, honestly.
This video is actually pretty mellow considering how wild she was last night. She was barking, digging at the bed, rolling around on it, snapping at moving feet, etc. She always calmed down when I pointed the camera at her though, but when I turned it off, she’d go crazy again.
And now I’m off to take her for a good walk/run, to ensure we don’t have that same crazy Collie on our hands again tonight. 😉
Happy Saturday! Have a lovely weekend!

3 thoughts on “Just so we’re clear…

  1. Haaaaaaaa..so funny whe you asked if she was a brat and she barked twice to say “sure am!” She’s so perrrrrty”)

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