Mine! All mine!

Think your dog loves his/her dog food?
Well Lassie is sure that no dog has ever loved their food as much as he loves his.
Lassie says he’s willing to lay down his life for his food.
Don’t believe him?
Well, you’ll see for yourself.
But first, a little background on the subject.
Usually we order our dog food online for the price and the connivence, plus I can’t get a 40 pound bag of the food I feed anywhere in town.
So our dog food comes to the front door and Petal is always there to receive it and guard it away from Lassie and Ella.
May 2011
She’ll even open the package at times!

“Ooohhh, fooood!”

Petal has come to the firm belief that it is her job to guard any and all packages that smell like food until I have had the chance to put them away.
So naturally, when the food arrived yesterday, Petal went straight to work on guarding it.


Yesterday was a little different though, because yesterday Lassie decided that enough was enough. It was his food too and gosh darn it! HE was going to be the one to guard it!

So, ignoring Petal’s protests, Lassie climbed on top of the food and, figuring he may as well make himself comfortable risking his life, he laid his body across it to protect it.

“I’d like to see you try and get past me to take this food, Petal!”


These dogs crack me up.


I think they might be addicted to their dog food.
Is there a support group for that?

Happy Saturday, everyone!
Have a lovely weekend!

Note: This blog post is not an endorsement, though it may seem that way. I was not asked nor paid to write this post. My dogs are just ridiculously obsessed with their food and I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures to prove it. 😉


5 thoughts on “Mine! All mine!

  1. Your picture of Lassie laying on top of the box of food made me smile. Thank you for sharing your goofy collies. It was my very first dog I ever had when I was about 9 years old…. I’ll always have a soft spot for them.

    I am dropping by on the blog hop today to share an inspiring story about a parrot rescue lady in Canada. Watch the video and I know you’ll be inspired.

    Have a great rest of the weekend with your fur-kids.

  2. That is so so so cute!!!! I used to think that my dog Sephi really loved food. In fact, my husband and I would always profess our love for one another by saying, “I love you more than Sephi loves food.” Now we are going to have to change it by saying, “I love you more than LASSIE loves food.” 😀

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