Monday Mischief: Chewy flip-flop

Look at what I pulled away from a very happy pup this morning.

A flip-flop, they’re those irresistibly chewy things that the humans wear on their feet in the summer time.
They’re the shoes that we buy cheap because we know they won’t last for long around here.
They’re the shoes that many dogs have a hard time resisting.
Can’t say I blame them, they are very squishy and they probably feel great to chew on.


I came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for our early morning walk, and found Petal with dad’s flip-flop in her mouth.
Uh oh.
We went straight to the dollar store to pick up another pair after our walk.
So dad will never know.
Until he reads this blog post.
Then we’ll have to change our names and leave the country.
Just kidding, Dad. ;P

P.S. No pieces were swallowed. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Chewy flip-flop

  1. Awww your poor flip flop, but they do make a great chew toy. I’m glad no pieces were swallowed.

    Happy Monday!

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