Walking in the rain

This morning when we woke for our walk, we found it was lightly raining.
But we figured, since this is Utah and all, that it would probably only rain for another five to ten minutes or so.
It wasn’t too hot or too cold.
So we took advantage of that and went for our walk.
Of course it didn’t rain hard, but we got pretty wet anyway!
And oh so muddy!
It was wonderful!

At first the Collies weren’t so sure about this walking in the rain business.
“Get our fur wet? You’re joking, right?”
But then they realized it wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was nice and cool and refreshing!
Lassie played more than he usually does with Petal. She loved that.

We came home with two muddy and soggy Collies. Our bone dry and squeaky clean Mutt sure was happy she stayed home!

With the unfamiliar weather and the slight change in our walking routine (we usually walk the trail and then turn around and go back the way we came, but today we walked the trail and then went out onto the road and walked around the block instead (to get away from the slippery mud)), Petal was much more alert and would respond to me at the drop of a dime.
It made for one of those moments where you realize all your hard work with training really paid off.

Petal kept so busy on the trail. Everything smells stronger and different when wet! She loved sniffing everything.

“Alright, time for breakfast!”

We came home, dried the Collies, fed them breakfast, washed their muddy paws, and now they’re napping.
I think I might join them. 😉

Have a lovely weekend!


5 thoughts on “Walking in the rain

  1. It sounds like Petal and Lassie had a lot of fun walking in the rain. I bet they really enjoyed getting swaddled in towels when they got home!

  2. Bella says the only good thing about getting wet is getting dry again. Looks like Lassie and Petal agree. 😉

    And good job Petal, listening to mom so well. It’s nice when they do that, isn’t it?

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