Snuggle time


I love snuggling Collies.

These pictures were taken with Photo Booth, hence the quality. 😉

My dogs can be such snuggle bugs. I love it.
Unless they decide they’re small enough to fit in my lap. Which my dogs definitely are not and bones are crushed.
(Okay, fine, I secretly love that too— sometimes— because it’s funny)
The only problem is if you have to get up.
You don’t want to disturb them or give up your snuggle time.
I usually wait until they move first.
Sometimes I have to wait a very long time, haha.
Do your dogs like to snuggle?

4 thoughts on “Snuggle time

  1. Aww! Nola loves to snuggle and sit on my lap, thankfully she’s only 9lbs! I remember when I had Mastiffs; they were the biggest lap dogs! 200lb dogs sitting on my 120lb frame LOL
    Nola’s MOm

  2. That is so cute! I know what your talking about with snuggling dogs. I never want to disturb mine either when they are comfortable and snuggly. I too, will wait for them to move first so I don’t disturb them. :)

  3. haha, i wait for my doggie to get up on her own so i don’t disturb her too! we are all good mommies :)

  4. Bwahaha! Absolutely. Bella doesn’t cuddle all that often so when she does, I’m likely to chew my arm off before disturbing her peaceful slumber. 😉

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