Black & White Sunday: Rain, Pillow cocoon and Fireworks

 photo 34f29acf-69e1-492a-8a36-489edb92f938.jpg
It has been a rainy week, but this morning has been especially rainy so far. We had a bit of very loud thunder earlier and some lightning as it rains on and off. Hopefully we’ll get a walk in later today, but for now we’re snuggling and playing inside.

Speaking of snuggling… I found Petal sleeping like this a few nights ago:
 photo d16268dc-a32d-4542-8450-ac88478456dc.jpg
She slept like this, cocooned in a pillow, for quite awhile. Silly girl.

I hope all you Americans had a fun and safe Independence day. I watched all the fireworks through my camera.
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Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

Snuggle time


I love snuggling Collies.

These pictures were taken with Photo Booth, hence the quality. 😉

My dogs can be such snuggle bugs. I love it.
Unless they decide they’re small enough to fit in my lap. Which my dogs definitely are not and bones are crushed.
(Okay, fine, I secretly love that too— sometimes— because it’s funny)
The only problem is if you have to get up.
You don’t want to disturb them or give up your snuggle time.
I usually wait until they move first.
Sometimes I have to wait a very long time, haha.
Do your dogs like to snuggle?


One of Petal’s very best friends is my sister’s cat, Harriet. They play together, wrestle together, lay together and snuggle together. Harriet cleans Petal’s face and chomps on her legs and Petal likes to stick Harriet’s head in her mouth. They have the best dog-cat relationship I’ve ever seen. They’re adorable together.


Some thoughtless person dumped a pregnant cat on our property (or nearby, at least, if not directly on it) and my family took to feeding her and her kittens. Harriet was one of those kittens and we very quickly grew attached to her, so we kept her.
She warmed up to the dogs very quickly and we tease her about being part dog. ;]
She’s a great little kitty. We just love her.