Black & White Sunday: Rain, Pillow cocoon and Fireworks

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It has been a rainy week, but this morning has been especially rainy so far. We had a bit of very loud thunder earlier and some lightning as it rains on and off. Hopefully we’ll get a walk in later today, but for now we’re snuggling and playing inside.

Speaking of snuggling… I found Petal sleeping like this a few nights ago:
 photo d16268dc-a32d-4542-8450-ac88478456dc.jpg
She slept like this, cocooned in a pillow, for quite awhile. Silly girl.

I hope all you Americans had a fun and safe Independence day. I watched all the fireworks through my camera.
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Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

Rainy Day

“I see… “

“A storm coming!”

“A storm? Who cares about storms? There’s no thunder or lightning, so… “

“Let’s play!”
“Alright. I guess a game of Collie soccer wouldn’t hurt. I’ll do commentary.”

“Petal takes off after the ball! The ball hits the fence and Petal is forced to make a sharp and rapid turn to avoid smashing into the fence and becoming a Pug.”

“What do you mean becoming a Pug?! That’s not how their faces came to be all smashed, is it?!”
“Of course not, it was only a joke.”
“Oh, well, stop your joking around and—”

“throw my ball!”
“Fine, fine.”

“No one cares, Petal, not when I’m looking this handsome in the wind.”

“Look at how it ruffles my fur.”

“Oh! Ow! Rain in my eye! Rain in my eye!!”
“HA HA HA, very handsome!”

“Get over here you little twerp!”

There’s nothing like starting off a rainy day with a game of soccer out in the yard. :]
For those who might be wondering, while me, Lassie, and Petal spent our morning playing the rain, Ella spent hers curled up in the warm house; she’s not a fan of the cold or the rain.

Rainy Day

Today I woke up early for the Collies’ morning walk, looked out the window and went straight back to bed. It was very windy and large dark clouds were moving in. I had hoped the weather would get better later, but seeing as it’s now 5 PM and it’s even windier than before and has been raining off and on, I’m thinking it’s not going to get better.
So we stayed inside today and enjoyed the sound of the wind and the rain.
And I have to say, thank goodness for Kong! 
A little bit of peanut butter smeared inside a rubber Kong kept the three of them busy when they were bored.
But for  the most part they’ve just been chilling and relaxing.
It’s been a really nice and laid back day.
Tomorrow we’re suppose to get snow.
I hope we really do.