One of Petal’s very best friends is my sister’s cat, Harriet. They play together, wrestle together, lay together and snuggle together. Harriet cleans Petal’s face and chomps on her legs and Petal likes to stick Harriet’s head in her mouth. They have the best dog-cat relationship I’ve ever seen. They’re adorable together.


Some thoughtless person dumped a pregnant cat on our property (or nearby, at least, if not directly on it) and my family took to feeding her and her kittens. Harriet was one of those kittens and we very quickly grew attached to her, so we kept her.
She warmed up to the dogs very quickly and we tease her about being part dog. ;]
She’s a great little kitty. We just love her.

3 thoughts on “Snugglefest

  1. How adorable! My old Lab always loved his kitties best. Dogs and cats can make the most wonderful friendships. Those pictures are just precious!

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