Review: True Chews from!

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Today we are doing a review of True Chews from!

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“Open it, oh Thumbed One!”

The lovely folks at sent us 1 bag of Lils pig ears and 1 six inch bully stick to try.

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The Lils pig ears are for dogs 20 lbs and under. In our case they made the perfect sampling size!
There were three ears in the bag plus one teeny tiny one.

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They’re a pretty decent size. I bet a small dog would be in heaven and get lots of chewing time from it. Lassie and Petal finished them off in under 5 minutes. They LOVED them. I loved that they’re made in the USA. But the little hairs still on the ear made me cringe. My dogs have had pig ears before (usually when I take them to a pet store and they snatch one off the shelf or I tell them to “pick something!” That’s what they usually go for), but I’ve never noticed little hairs. Then again, I’ve never looked too closely either. 😉

 photo petalchewyyummypigear.png

They’re a very messy treat. I was glad I had Petal and Lassie (trust me he got some, in fact, he got 2 of the 3; I just didn’t get any decent pictures) eat them on the kitchen floor/their dog cot.

 photo 79fdaa7f-e006-4e25-989a-66f026a2985f.jpg
“Licking crumbs off the floor is a little difficult with an overbite.”

I gave the bully stick to Petal, since Lassie got 2 of the 3 pig ears.
It was a very thin little bully stick and it only lasted her about 8 minutes! Six inch bully sticks usually last my dogs somewhere between 20-60 minutes depending on thickness (yes, I hear you giggling ;P).

 photo 5601adb8-27f1-44c4-a782-66fa2389b76d.jpg 
Thin little bully stick.

These bully sticks would be perfect for little dogs/dogs that aren’t strong chewers at all. They wouldn’t be worth the money for us though. I expect the pricey chews to last a minimum of 20 minutes. This didn’t even last half that.
On the plus side, I didn’t notice any smell and I sat right next to Petal as she ate it.

Lassie & Petal give the pig ears 3 1/2 out of 4 paws up for deliciousness and being made in the USA. They’re a little pricey though.
 photo pawprintrating2.png photo pawprintrating2.png photo pawprintrating2.png photo halfpawrate2.png

Petal gives the bully stick 1 paw up. It was tasty and made in the USA, but it was gone in a flash; not for strong chewers.
 photo pawprintrating2.png

While I wouldn’t buy True Chews’ bully sticks for my dogs, I would happily buy any of their other treats, and I do think their bully sticks would be the perfect size for soft chewers/small dogs.

Of course still has all our love. Our package arrived promptly and the goodies were packaged well.
The dogs get excited when a package from comes. Even the cats come running to see if it’s their usual order of food.

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“Hey, I know that Chewy bloke! He sends me food!”

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Discloser: I was sent one bag of True Chews Lils Pig Ears and one six inch True Chews bully stick from for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Petal and Harriet + Our shopping trip has been put on hold

Let’s address the second half of our blog title first, then you guys can enjoy the video I have of Petal playing with Harriet.

On Tuesday I showed you all my shopping list and had you guess what we were buying. I think everyone— or just about everyone— guessed supplies for weave poles, which is correct! I’m going to be making Petal her first set of weave poles and Lassie’s second set.
A few years ago my Mom and I built Lassie an agility course. He had a adjustable jump, a tire jump, weave poles, and a child’s play tunnel. It was tons of fun, but most of it got lost/broken/blown away when we moved. All we have left of it is the jump, which Lassie, and now Petal, still have fun with.
I think Petal would really enjoy weave poles though, so we’re going to make a new set.

Incase you’re wondering: we’re not going to get into agility competitively (at least not now, but I feel pretty confident in saying probably not ever, but who really knows, right?), for several reasons, we’re just going to have fun with it in our own backyard for the sake of exercise, mental stimulation, and just plain fun.

Anyway, on to the part where our trip to Home Depot for weave pole-making supplies has been put on hold.
Our car, our one and only car, decided it would rather not start on Tuesday morning. We got all ready to go, Collies in the car, Humans bundled up, and the car refused to start.
A family friend came over and confirmed that it wasn’t the battery, as we thought it was, and then he kindly towed it away to his shop to find out what was really going on.
Now I don’t speak car, at all, so bare with me, but I think it’s been said that the timing kit has to be replaced along with something else.
So here we are, on Thursday morning, still without a car. Hopefully we’ll have it back by tonight, because we really need to run a few errands and we have a day trip planned for tomorrow.
We’ll see.

Now onto the video!
I’m pretty sure I’ve shared a video of these two playing together before, but this one shows off the silly sounds Petal makes when she plays with Harriet, plus her pouting at the end when Harriet leaves.

It still makes me smile to see how well these two get along. I’ve never had a dog and a cat that actually enjoyed playing together. We have two other cats and they want mostly nothing to do with the Collies. Harriet, however, has been in love with them since she was a teeny, tiny kitten. She gets along better with the dogs than she does with the cats.

One more thing, ignore my Mom talking to my little sister and my Dad clanking dishes in the kitchen. They can’t keep quiet for nothing, even when recording a video was their idea. Haha.


When it’s cold outside…

We like to snuggle up and snooze inside.
Where it’s warm and dry.

Harriet stole my nice warm seat when I left to take pictures of Lassie and Petal.
Not fair.

They earn their keep around here by keeping me toasty warm.
And shooing Harriet off the couch for me. 😉

We’re hoping our day trapped inside will pay off with snow in the morning. We haven’t had snow since this day in November. It’s been snowing a little, off and on, since yesterday, but so far nothing has stuck around for long (except for the mud, ew).
We’re hoping for a blanket of snow to play in tomorrow.
For now, we’re going to go back to sleep.

Petal was actually snoring a few minutes ago.

Hope you all have a fun, warm, and possibly snowy, weekend!

An Instagram

It’s been a week since my surgery and while I’m not where I thought I would be with my recovery, I am feeling a whole lot better.
I’ve be able to get up and walk around a few times a day. I’ll admit that I get way too excited about being up on my feet for more than a minute or two and I often overdo it.
I’m overly eager to recover and get back to my usual routine.

But for now I’m taking things slow and entertaining myself with Instagram.
Enjoy this lovely Instagram of Petal and Harriet.


Kitty? Or extremely soft pillow?

Petal has a thing for strange sleeping places. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about if you take a look at this post here.
She— apparently— also enjoys resting her head on unique… pillows…

“This kitty is my pillow.”

You’re a sweet and patient kitty, Harriet. I bet you stayed toasty warm.
And you’re a goofy dog, Petal.
Though I can’t say I blame you, she is one super soft kitty. If she would allow it, I would probably rest my face on her, too.

Have a lovely and relaxing weekend everyone!


Petal & Harriet: Best Friends.




These two are such sweet friends!
They’re so entertaining and constantly making us laugh.
Harriet loves to clean Petal’s face and sneak up on her while she’s sleeping and bite her ear.
Petal’s not too fond of the biting, but she does enjoy the snuggles and the play time.
Petal loves to nibble on Harriet’s sides; it looks almost like she’s trying to tickle her!
(Or eat her, however you want to look at it)

I finally got a video of the two of them playing together.
You’ll have to ignore our commentary. ;]


The Saturday Pet Blog Hop!
Shhh, we know this post was made on Friday.
But it’s Saturday now!


One of Petal’s very best friends is my sister’s cat, Harriet. They play together, wrestle together, lay together and snuggle together. Harriet cleans Petal’s face and chomps on her legs and Petal likes to stick Harriet’s head in her mouth. They have the best dog-cat relationship I’ve ever seen. They’re adorable together.


Some thoughtless person dumped a pregnant cat on our property (or nearby, at least, if not directly on it) and my family took to feeding her and her kittens. Harriet was one of those kittens and we very quickly grew attached to her, so we kept her.
She warmed up to the dogs very quickly and we tease her about being part dog. ;]
She’s a great little kitty. We just love her.