When it’s cold outside…

We like to snuggle up and snooze inside.
Where it’s warm and dry.

Harriet stole my nice warm seat when I left to take pictures of Lassie and Petal.
Not fair.

They earn their keep around here by keeping me toasty warm.
And shooing Harriet off the couch for me. 😉

We’re hoping our day trapped inside will pay off with snow in the morning. We haven’t had snow since this day in November. It’s been snowing a little, off and on, since yesterday, but so far nothing has stuck around for long (except for the mud, ew).
We’re hoping for a blanket of snow to play in tomorrow.
For now, we’re going to go back to sleep.

Petal was actually snoring a few minutes ago.

Hope you all have a fun, warm, and possibly snowy, weekend!

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