Monday Mischief: Mud, mud, mud

We’re still getting rained on here in Utah. More than usual it seems like.
It’s definitely not like Washington rain or anything, but still.
Ella and Petal have been having a blast in the mud while Lassie has been avoiding it like it was the flu.
Today I almost wished Petal and Ella would avoid it as well as Lassie does.
But alas, they did not. Instead they went and found some deep (up to Ella’s chest) and very, very muddy water.
And yes, they took several dips into that water.
You’ll have to excuse the quality of the photos. They were taken with a cell phone. Not too bad for a cell phone though!

This picture does not do Ella’s dirty-self any justice.
See how her chest appears to be a peachish color? Her neck and white feet looked the same.
She had a lovely layer of mud alll over herself.
But no one, no one, can outdo Petal.

“Do I have a little something on my face?”

She had to have a bath.
With shampoo and everything (Ella only needed a quick rinse).
I think she might still be a little peachy-colored here and there.

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Mud, mud, mud

  1. oh my! too bad you are the one that had to deal with the clean up but it sure looks like they had fun :)

    • Oh I know. I wish someone would invent an automatic dog groomer/bather. ;P They definitely had fun though!

  2. It took me a second to make the connection but of course she is peachy because you live in Utah with the red dirt. I love the southwest so I think that is kinda cool….although they won’t be tracking the mud all over MY house :)

    • Haha, yup, we have got plenty of red dirt here, and there’s just no avoiding someone tracking it into the house. Of course the dogs are the biggest contributors, lol!

    • Probably nothing, except perhaps a dead animal to roll in. ;P
      Though thankfully, thankfully, the Collies won’t roll in smelly and/or dead stuff.

  3. Petal and Ella still look sweet even covered in mud. Thank goodness for those innocent faces. Did I say innocent? haha!

  4. OMD – even Ella got dirty? What are your dogs coming too!?

    They are so cute and I’m glad you think so because if I had to go through the grooming you do, I’m not sure I’d ever let Petal outside ever again. Ever.

    • LOL, trust me, if I had gone all out with her grooming, she wouldn’t have been allowed outside. ;P We have also taken to a few different walking routes to avoid the mud; I need a break, haha.

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