When Collies wear clothes

The other day a lot of you asked about the shirt Lassie was wearing in our wordless wednesday post.
Why was he wearing a shirt, you ask?
The answer: my sister was going through her clothes and decided to dress Petal up in one of her old shirts and a skirt.
But why was Lassie wearing a shirt?
Stick with me here.
I rarely dress up the Collies, especially Lassie. He has so much hair that he doesn’t need clothes. Clothes look weird on him.
Unless of course it’s a pumpkin costume.
That’s just plain adorable.
October 2005.
His pumpkin orange hair matches perfectly.

“Get it off! Get it off!”

Other than that (and a pirate costume the following year (to match my costume! ;P)), Lassie doesn’t get dressed up in anything more than the occasional bandana.

Wednesday, however, after seeing all the attention and camera time Petal got just by simply wearing a shirt and a skirt, Lassie became jealous.
Okay, so it was more like he thought it was a really great game and he wanted to play too.
He kept photo-bombing Petal’s pictures and barking and tugging at her shirt.
When I finally got the hint and took the shirt off Petal, Lassie was finally able to have his turn being the center of attention. He willingly allowed me to put it on him, even offering me his paws to easily slip through the sleeves, then he posed for the camera.

So to answer the question “Why is Lassie wearing a shirt?” he either…
a) really wanted some camera time
b) wanted a turn to ‘play with’ the shirt
c) really enjoyed seeing me laugh again and was willing to wear a shirt to get a chuckle out of me.

Take your pick.
I for one am going for a mixture of all three options, with ‘c’ as the most prominent one.
But that’s just me. 😉

Now it’s my turn to ask you a question…

It looks as though there is a fire going in our fireplace. Funny. There isn’t, of course. We would die.

So, who would it be? Petal? Or Lassie?

7 thoughts on “When Collies wear clothes

  1. I definitely think C. Lassie just wanted to see you laugh and be happy! As for who looks best? They both look cute but Petal has an edge with that skirt! LOL!

  2. LOL – I, also vote for C. As for who looks best – no WAY I’m answering that. No sense hurting a pup’s feelings when they both look adorable all dressed up. 😉

  3. I don’t know why the “There isn’t, of course. We would die” made me LO-actually-L, but it did. Lassie, Lassie…just like a Collie to set aside their dignity to keep their person’s spirits up. :]

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