Wordless Wednesday: Anything to be the center of attention


This wordless wednesday won’t be completely wordless, because I want to let you all know that Lassie and Petal’s vet appointment went really well!
I told the vet what I knew about Ella and he went over the Collies very thoroughly. Everything looked and sounded well.
I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I have felt since we left their appointment.
A huge weight was lifted and that worried/sick feeling in my stomach is finally gone.
Thank you all for your well wishes and for being so kind and supportive through everything.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Anything to be the center of attention

  1. I am so glad that Petal and Lassie’s appointment went well. It must have been reassuring for you. Now what’s with Lassie’s shirt? That had to make you giggle! LOL!

  2. Glad your visit to the V-E-T went so well. Gotta make your mind rest just a bit. Yes, please do tell the story of Lassie’s pretty blue shirt.

  3. Aww, such a sweetie. So glad to hear the appt went well. Hoping that sets your mind at ease.

    Love the shirt. But, what’s up with that? :)

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