Off to the V-E-T we go!

Lassie and Petal are in for a fun day today.
Today they’re going to the v-e-t.
Since Ella’s sudden passing every little thing Lassie or Petal do worries me.
I know I’m being irrational. I know they’re okay and I know I’m worrying over silly things.
But they’re due for a check up anyway, so why worry?
Why worry over every little thing when I can have them checked out by a vet?
I’m also irrationally nervous about their appointment.
I can’t handle any bad news. They better be in perfect health.
Wish us luck.
And wish me the return of my rational mind.
I’m starting to miss it.

“When will she realize I know how to spell?”

5 thoughts on “Off to the V-E-T we go!

  1. Oh, I think Petal and Lassie are going to get clean bills of health. I’m glad you are taking them if you have been worrying. I think what you’re going through is normal. I always think it’s better to get something checked that’s worrying you so you can move on. Good luck! Love that picture of Lassie. :)

  2. that picture of Lassie is priceless…i spell around my girlz too, but I know they know how to spell LOL….Glad your taking them to the V-E-T for a checkup, it will help ease your mind. Let us know the outcome and Take care.

  3. I’m sure they’re going to get a clean bill of health. And won’t you feel better knowing that once the appt is over.

    Lovely picture of Lassie. My what a long nose you have. 😉

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