Dreaming of snow

In July and most of August we received an abundance of thunder, lightning, and rain every day (or very nearly every day).
It was crazy. I can’t remember ever getting this much rain in Southern Utah.
I absolutely loved it.
Now it is September and we’re heading towards Autumn and it’s starting to cool down.
Though, as far as heat goes, it has been a pretty mild summer anyway.
Between the (sometimes) mild heat and the frequent rain storms, I started wondering what winter would hold for us. I’m hoping for plenty of snow.
Because I have literally been dreaming of snow lately.

December 2005. Northern Utah.

I’ve been dreaming of seeing my goofy Lassie snack on the snow and lounge in it as if he’s on a beach in Hawaii.

January 2008. Northern Utah.

December 2011. Southern Utah.

I’ve been dreaming of laughing at Petal as she burrows her face beneath the snow and then takes off like a bullet (because snow is her catnip).

December 2011. Southern Utah.

But mostly I’ve been remembering the crazy amounts of snow we use to get while living in the mountains in Northern Utah.
I know we won’t get anything like the snow we got then, but a girl can dream. 😉

 That was some insane (and fun, unless you had to shovel the driveway, or you got stuck in said driveway) snow.

January 2008. Ella peeking to see if her doggy friend is home.

That is a six foot fence.
Or at least it was before the snow came and turned it into a four-ish foot fence (say that ten times, fast).

“Grizzly, come over and play!”

Believe it or not, we only got more snow that year.
It piled up and up and we wondered if it would ever stop.


It accumulated more and more and grew taller and taller until…

February 2008. View from our next door neighbor’s backyard.

We got six feet of snow.
Ella no longer needed permission to go visit her boyfriend Grizzly, she just waltzed on over the fence and romped around in the snow with him.

One of the neighbors behind us had the brilliant idea to dig out a path way for their dogs (I think they owned retired racing Greyhounds, but I might be getting them confused with different neighbors), so they could maneuver around their yard a little more easily and wouldn’t be able walk over their fence.
Well, Lassie, Ella, and my Aunt’s dog (who lived with us for a little while) decided to hop on over and pay their yard a little visit.

Hopping over was the easy part, but getting back to their own yard? Impossible. They were stuck in the neighbor’s yard and since they lived behind us, I had to either run around the block or cut through the backyards. I honestly can’t remember which one I did, but cutting through the backwards sounds smarter and faster, so let’s say I did that.

I go and knock on the neighbor’s front door.
“Hi… um… My dogs are stuck in your backyard… Can I get them, please?”
We had a good laugh about that.
I walked the dogs home and, of course, found a better way to let the dogs out to take care of business, because as funny as it was, we didn’t want that happening every day, several times a day.

We definitely won’t get six feet of snow here (which is probably a good thing, because it does become problematic), but I hope we get enough to have some fun in, without getting muddy.


I’m kind of tired of the mud.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of snow

  1. BOL! I just heard on the news we are supposed to have one heck of a cold winter!

    You may get more snow than that.


  2. Wow! That was a lot of snow!! I love the snow too and hope we get tons this winter as we had a green Christmas last year. Your furbabies must have just loved romping in all that snow! :)

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