Some Instagrams for your weekend!

lassiebug photo lassiebug_zps2a94caf7.jpgIMG_0383_zps92fa31f3 photo IMG_0383_zps92fa31f3.jpgcuddlingcollies photo cuddlingcollies_zps20f07786.jpg
1. Lassie has a cute face.
2. Petal likes chest scratchies.
3. Lassie and Petal cuddling.

bucketbed photo bucketbed_zpsad7706ba.jpgsleepinunderblanky photo sleepinunderblanky_zps083f8056.jpgyogainyasleep photo yogainyasleep_zpsb8a49c5a.jpg
4, 5, 6
Petal will sleep anywhere. On a bucket. Under a blanket with me on a freezing cold morning. On her back with her head squished against my butt.

snoozydude photo snoozydude_zps14a8d2f7.jpgfacewarmerboy photo facewarmerboy_zps0b4f2a9c.jpginstahandsomelassie photo instahandsomelassie_zps765ceb24.jpg
7. Lassie was very sleepy after helping us babysit for a few hours.
8. Lassie makes an excellent face warmer. πŸ˜‰
9. Mr. McHandsome.

yummypencil photo yummypencil_zps011febd8.jpginstamineonly photo instamineonly_zpsb5ac2f8f.jpginstapepperloo photo instapepperloo_zpsc17d8ef6.jpg
10. Petal thinks she should be allowed to gnaw on this pencil.
11. Lassie likes to play keep-away.
12. Pepper has been staying with us for a few days. Petal has had fun with her, but is feeling a little jealous lately. She was very upset the other night when she found Lassie on the couch, laying on one side of me, and Pepper on the other side of me. It’s usually Lassie on one side and Petal on the other. She did not appreciate this scene and she told me so with her Vanishing Ears act and some giggle-worthy moaning and groaning as she looked from Pepper, to me, and back again. I swear, if Petal could talk, she would’ve told me to push Pepper off the couch.
No worries Petal, Pepper goes home today. You’re still the baby girl of the house. πŸ˜‰

Have a lovely weekend!

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