Petal the Cartoon

Two of my sisters are spectacular artists.
I don’t know how they do it, I can’t even draw a proper circle, but they do.

My youngest sister, Miranda (who will be 14 this summer), loves to draw wolves and huskies and dogs, among other things.
So of course I pestered her to draw my dogs.
Eventually she did and I told her I would post them on the blog some time.
I never did.
So she pestered me and here we are.
Her latest drawings are of Petal and both were done on the computer.
This one is my favorite,
 photo PetalPaintingbyMirandawm.png
Yeah, I watermarked the heck out of both of them. No stealing from my baby sister. 😉

Amazing, right?
It was inspired by this picture,
 photo WWpetalwalkwodec.png

And this second one is so sweet,

 photo PetaldrawingbyMirandawm.png

I love it when Petal curls herself into a tiny, precious ball of fluff.

 photo BWSpetalcurled.png

Thank you, Miranda, for the adorable, lovely, darling drawings.
You are so talented.
I love you!

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