(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: More snow?!

 photo snowhead41613.png
He doesn’t look very impressed with the pile of snow my little sister put on his head, does he?

 photo aprilsnow41713.png
 photo april1713.png
 photo snowwar41713.png

P.S. What do you think of our new look?
Funny enough I changed the blog’s look because I didn’t want a snowy header anymore (I couldn’t change just the header, once I got going I couldn’t stop until it was all changed, haha), I wanted a fresh look. So I revamped the place during yesterday’s snow storm.
I have good timing, I know.

13 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: More snow?!

  1. Oh poor Lassie. He does not look happy but he does look quite tolerant.

    Love the new look. Loved the old look, too, though. I think you should consider a career in graphics or design if this is what you do “for fun”. :)

  2. I didn’t see it before, but I like how it looks now! We had snow in Toronto last week but it’s melted now. Where are you? Happy WW!

    • The Facebook, Email, etc badges in my sidebar? I made them with the cookie cutter shapes in Photoshop Elements. I’d be happy to make some for you, if you’d like, just send me an email. :) Or there are plenty of free ones out there that you can find via Google. Just search for “free social media icons”.

      Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by! :)

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