We chose snow over breakfast


Last night and this morning we finally got the snow Petal and I wanted. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland (pictured above is our early morning view of our front yard (up to the two trees, then it’s the road and then our neighbor’s yard starts at the fence)). Normally when we first wake up we get breakfast and then we wait a few hours before we do anything active, to avoid upset tummies or bloat. But this morning was different. This morning we were excited about the snow. Too excited for breakfast. So we bundled up and ran outside. The only logical thing to do.


See the flakes in front of Petal’s face? Yup, it was snowing pretty heavily when we ran out there at 7:30 this morning.


Snow on her nose, whiskers, face and body.


“And in my eyes too!”


“Seriously. IN my eye!”

We played out there, just the two of us, for a little while before we trekked back inside for breakfast.

A few hours later, around 11 AM, we went back outside with my sister’s dog Penny and the two of them let loose.

yaysnow6 yaysnow7 yaysnow8

You see how Petal’s paw is raised and Penny appears to have no head?

Yeah, don’t mess with Petal, she’ll knock your head off. 😉

yaysnow9 yaysnow10 yaysnow11 yaysnow12

They played nonstop for 30+ minutes, racing around the yard, wrestling each other, sneaking up on each other, barking at the neighbors and just having a blast.


Which made for one very happy Petal dog!

FitDog Friday

Today we’re joining the FitDog Friday blog hop for the first time. Thanks to the hosts Slimdoggy, Peggy’s Pet Palace and To Dog With Love.

New Toys and a Training Bra

Over the holidays Kol’s Notes and many other fantastic blogs hosted an Advent Calendar with 24 days of giveaways. We entered these fun giveaways and were lucky enough to walk away with a prize!

We won two Unbreakoballs and they just arrived about two hours ago. One regular sized and one large sized. Like REALLY large. It’s awesome.

I entered to win this particular prize with my sister’s dog Penny in mind. She’s a ball fanatic and incredibly destructive.

Here she is, super excited about her prize (or the treats in my pocket, who knows ;))


She’s actually a little leery of the larger ball, but by the end of our playtime outside she was warming up to it. She loves the smaller ball and is still trying to figure out how to pick it up.


These balls are thick, sturdy, and a bit heavy. I think they’re definitely going to be impossible for Penny to destroy! Which is great, because she only had two toys of her very own before, now she’s got four. 😉


The balls are also made in the USA! How great is that?

Here are both of the girls posing with them, because Petal wants to be included, even though she couldn’t care less about these giant orange balls.


Thank you to Unbreakoball and the hosts of the Advent Calendar! Penny is very happy to have some more toys to play with and we’re all happy she can’t chew them apart and then swallow them. 😉

Now for a little Throwback. I had a whole other post ready for this, but… it took a really sad turn. I’m saving it for another day. Maybe.

Instead I’ll do a silly throwback.

Throwback to Petal’s first training bra!

blogMAY82010petalbra blogMAY82010petalbra_2 blogMAY82010petalbra_3

5 months old and wearing her first training bra! ;P


We’re joining the Throwback Thursday blog hop hosted by Dolly the Doxie and DOGthusiast.

2 Brown Dawgs


We’re also joining the new Barks and Bytes blog hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like A Dog.


 photo pennydobbytwins.png 
(Dobby image source

They’re identical! ;P

My parents have been calling her Dobby.
“Dobby want a sock?” Mom says. Penny licks her face.

 photo 044f9b04-360a-4a77-baee-49e7d05becad.jpg
I’m sure you’re all probably wondering why she’s still here.
Penny will be staying indefinitely. My sister wants to keep her.
It’s a long story that doesn’t belong on this blog. 😉 But basically: Penny needed a new home, we were going to find that new home until Sister #2 said she wanted to keep her and would take care of her.
And that’s that.
Dobby Penny will stay.
Might be nice to have a house-elf around.

 photo 35dcb573-acb7-4c20-bed2-d1c8efe31990.jpg


A little silliness for your Friday.

 photo racingpinkpetpengo.png

Brought to you by Penny and Petal!

 photo tailmunchingracing.png
Penny still holds Petal’s tail in order to keep up.

 photo ballerinapenny.png
Penny is also learning ballet!
(She’s also working on gaining a few more pounds).

 photo sonicbark.png
Petal uses her Sonic Bark!

It makes your tongue loll out and your eyes go all wonky.

I’ll leave you all with one last picture…

 photo nightmarish.png

Happy Nightmares.

(Petal looks like that because Penny just chomped on her booty, just in case you were wondering).

Review: Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash

 photo cottoncandy4_summer2013.png

It’s summer time, a time for swimming and carnivals and cotton candy.
Delicious cotton candy.

 photo cottoncandyy_summer2013.png

I don’t know about you, but I think cotton candy smells amazing. So sweet and pleasant.
More things should smell like cotton candy.
For example, Collies.
Collies should smell like cotton candy.

Today we’re reviewing Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash in the Cotton Candy scent.
Yes, my dogs smell like cotton candy.

 photo cottoncandy3_summer2013.png

Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash comes in many different unique scents such as Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Bubble Gum, Pina Colada and others. They even offer custom* fragrances!

 photo cottoncandymaqnifiscent.png

Here’s what they have to say about their product:
“Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash is a non-toxic multi-purpose unisex formula that has been designed to keep your pet and home smelling Maqnifiscent. This product instantly eliminates odors and conditions and detangles your pet’s coat while keeping your loved one fresh between baths.  Our preparation contains a long-lasting, non-sticky, first of its kind, scratch-n-smell formula that is immediately reactivated when you comfort your pet or they rub themselves.  All of our fragrances are alcohol and paraben free. It can be used as often as necessary.”
You can read a little more about the company here.

 photo cottoncandysplash.png
Made in the USA! Yay!

When I was first contacted about this product I had my doubts about it’s scratch-n-smell ability. I was worried about what would go into this bottle to give it such an ability. But according to their FAQ page all their splashes are made up of “… a food-grade based gelatin, water, and Virgin Coconut Oil which conditions the skin while keeping the coat shiny.”

Sounds good to me!
And guess what?
It works. And it really does smell like cotton candy. I crave it every time I spray it.
I sprayed some on Petal’s back, chest, each side, and back end and rubbed it in. Probably didn’t need that much, I went a little crazy with it. But it made her smell wonderful and it lasted for several days, nearly a week, even after being rolled through the dirt by Penny. Several times.
And it really does work like a scratch and sniff!
One day my sister buried her face in Petal’s hair and claimed she couldn’t smell the cotton candy. I told her to try petting her a little first. She looked at me like I was insane. “What is she, a scratch and sniff?”
I smirked, we were about to find out, “Just try it!”
She did and her eyes were rather wide when it actually worked.
The more you pet Petal the more she smells like cotton candy.
Love. It.
While the bottle claims that it works best on short haired dogs, it seemed to last longer on Lassie and Petal than it did on Penny. The spray lasted 5-7 days on both Petal and Lassie, but on Penny it only seems to last about 2-3 days. I really feel that that may have something to do with the fact that she hates to be sprayed with anything. So while Lassie and Petal get 3-4 spritz on various parts of their body, Penny gets 1 or even just half a spritz before she runs off. It’s too bad, because she needs it the most if you ask me. Smelly dog.
 photo pennysmelly.png
“I resent that. I do not smell.”

Regardless of that, it is the most effective dog body splash I have ever used on my dogs. It’s also the best smelling one and the most cost effective one, too. I’ve had previous sprays that were $9.99 or more for a tiny little 2 or 4 ounce bottle. This bottle was a very impressive size at 8 fl. oz. for $12.99 and a little goes a long way so I think it’s going to last us a good long time.

We give Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash 5 out of 5 hearts for their wonderful cotton candy fragrance and effectiveness.
 photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png

4 hearts for their excellent prices.
 photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png photo heartrating2.png

And the dogs give it 4 out of 4 paws up for being gentle on their skin and not sticky in their fur.
 photo pawprintrating2.png photo pawprintrating2.png photo pawprintrating2.png photo pawprintrating2.png

We really love this spray. Go check them out here and tell them we sent you! 😉

*When ordering custom fragrances, they require that you order two bottles minimum.

Discloser: I was sent one bottle of Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash free of charge for review. I was not paid or otherwise encouraged to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own based on my experience with the product.


 photo 43699e46-5413-4f28-ad26-3bab9fbcd410.jpg

It’s a rainy day today, so we’re trapped inside.
As you can see silly things happen when we’re trapped inside. My little sister had fun messing with Petal’s face while I had fun taking pictures.
Petal is very patient, incase you hadn’t noticed. 😉

I could use a little more patience today. My laptop, after serving me faithfully for nearly seven years, may have finally bit the dust. It won’t charge anymore and it makes funny noises when you open it.
Neither one are good signs, I’m thinking.
So I downloaded the Blogger app and a few photo editing apps onto my iPod Touch. The Blogger app is lame. Why can’t I center the content of my post? (“But Marquie! This post IS centered!” you say; I’ll explain in just a moment). And why must you do such a crummy job of resizing my picture?

So I downloaded the Photobucket app, hoping I could resize the above image there.
I have yet to figure it out.

After growling at my iPod many, many times, I finally took up my sister’s offer to borrow her laptop. She even made me my own account.
I know. She’s awesome.

So here I am. Praise be the laptop.

The rain hail is pouring, pouring, pouring now!
Good thing I made Kongs this morning. Lassie, Petal and Penny can only nap for so long.

Just kidding. It’s done now… for now.
That’s Utah for you.