We chose snow over breakfast


Last night and this morning we finally got the snow Petal and I wanted. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland (pictured above is our early morning view of our front yard (up to the two trees, then it’s the road and then our neighbor’s yard starts at the fence)). Normally when we first wake up we get breakfast and then we wait a few hours before we do anything active, to avoid upset tummies or bloat. But this morning was different. This morning we were excited about the snow. Too excited for breakfast. So we bundled up and ran outside. The only logical thing to do.


See the flakes in front of Petal’s face? Yup, it was snowing pretty heavily when we ran out there at 7:30 this morning.


Snow on her nose, whiskers, face and body.


“And in my eyes too!”


“Seriously. IN my eye!”

We played out there, just the two of us, for a little while before we trekked back inside for breakfast.

A few hours later, around 11 AM, we went back outside with my sister’s dog Penny and the two of them let loose.

yaysnow6 yaysnow7 yaysnow8

You see how Petal’s paw is raised and Penny appears to have no head?

Yeah, don’t mess with Petal, she’ll knock your head off. 😉

yaysnow9 yaysnow10 yaysnow11 yaysnow12

They played nonstop for 30+ minutes, racing around the yard, wrestling each other, sneaking up on each other, barking at the neighbors and just having a blast.


Which made for one very happy Petal dog!

FitDog Friday

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New Toys and a Training Bra

Over the holidays Kol’s Notes and many other fantastic blogs hosted an Advent Calendar with 24 days of giveaways. We entered these fun giveaways and were lucky enough to walk away with a prize!

We won two Unbreakoballs and they just arrived about two hours ago. One regular sized and one large sized. Like REALLY large. It’s awesome.

I entered to win this particular prize with my sister’s dog Penny in mind. She’s a ball fanatic and incredibly destructive.

Here she is, super excited about her prize (or the treats in my pocket, who knows ;))


She’s actually a little leery of the larger ball, but by the end of our playtime outside she was warming up to it. She loves the smaller ball and is still trying to figure out how to pick it up.


These balls are thick, sturdy, and a bit heavy. I think they’re definitely going to be impossible for Penny to destroy! Which is great, because she only had two toys of her very own before, now she’s got four. 😉


The balls are also made in the USA! How great is that?

Here are both of the girls posing with them, because Petal wants to be included, even though she couldn’t care less about these giant orange balls.


Thank you to Unbreakoball and the hosts of the Advent Calendar! Penny is very happy to have some more toys to play with and we’re all happy she can’t chew them apart and then swallow them. 😉

Now for a little Throwback. I had a whole other post ready for this, but… it took a really sad turn. I’m saving it for another day. Maybe.

Instead I’ll do a silly throwback.

Throwback to Petal’s first training bra!

blogMAY82010petalbra blogMAY82010petalbra_2 blogMAY82010petalbra_3

5 months old and wearing her first training bra! ;P


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2 Brown Dawgs


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Monday Mischief: Teasing

Petal’s favorite game is Keep Away. A game that Lassie proudly taught her.

Basically, she enjoys teasing me, just like Lassie did.

MMlookingfor MMtoobadmine

I was ready to reach out and grab that toy, I was on the ground and everything, when she swoops in and snatches it, leaving me with nothing but the perfect opportunity to photograph her favorite game.

Little stinker!

If that’s not enough mischief for you, I can also say with 83% certainty, that if I were ever shrunken down to the size of a bug, she would squish me.

MMifiwereabug MMifiwereabug2

Maybe not on purpose, but still.


Always asking the important questions. 😉

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