Monday Mischief: Teasing

Petal’s favorite game is Keep Away. A game that Lassie proudly taught her.

Basically, she enjoys teasing me, just like Lassie did.

MMlookingfor MMtoobadmine

I was ready to reach out and grab that toy, I was on the ground and everything, when she swoops in and snatches it, leaving me with nothing but the perfect opportunity to photograph her favorite game.

Little stinker!

If that’s not enough mischief for you, I can also say with 83% certainty, that if I were ever shrunken down to the size of a bug, she would squish me.

MMifiwereabug MMifiwereabug2

Maybe not on purpose, but still.


Always asking the important questions. 😉

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23 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Teasing

  1. Mine would stomp me in a heartbeat! They step on my feet ALL THE TIME. It’s something they do to each other, too. I think maybe it’s a dominance thing.
    Flea recently posted…Snow Dogs! FBM 56My Profile

    • LOL! That’s too funny that they do it to each other too. Petal HATES having her feet stepped on and is usually careful not to step on other dogs’ paws, wish she was as careful with my feet! 😉

  2. I know for a fact Teach would squish me (even though I feed him) because his feet already walk all over mine. He has no regard for personal space, and probably wouldn’t think about feeding until after … silly puppy!!! Love the feet shot though very interesting perspective!
    Rebecca recently posted…Black & White Sunday: Wandering Through the YardMy Profile

    • Thank you! She’s named for the petal shaped marking on the top of her head, which isn’t visible in these photos.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • It’s a fun game, isn’t it?! 😉 Petal won’t drop it either unless I have something much better, then she’ll trade. Sometimes. Hahaha.
      Thanks! You should definitely have your Mom try it!

  3. Bauer LOVES to play keep away. It is his favorite game ever. One time at a lure coursing event he ripped the bag off the line and ran around the field playing keep away with everyone… that was entertaining! He has a good “drop it” when he knows he’s “working” but if it’s playtime (or if he wants it to be playtime…) good luck catching him!
    Gabi recently posted…Why You Should Hike in the RainMy Profile

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