Black & White Sunday: This morning

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Good morning everyone! Petal has eaten breakfast, brushed her teeth, did some training, played outside with me and posed for pictures. Now we’re curled up on the couch together. I’m watching Harry Potter (squee!) and Petal is catching up on some sleep. We had five little visitors from the ages of 7-1 stay with us from Thursday afternoon until yesterday afternoon and we’re dog-tired now! We’ll be kicking back for the rest of this Sunday.

What are you guys doing this Sunday? Staying in or venturing out?

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28 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: This morning

    • Thank you, we have! I’ve been lounging and Petal has been catching up on sleep. We’ve only gotten up for the essentials: food, water, potty and play. 😉

    • I agree! 😉 We got to rest up a lot and it was very nice.
      Shopping and a walk with the dogs, a great day! :) Thank you for stopping by.

    • Thank you very much! :)
      It is the best, I agree! We had a nice, relaxing day.

      How fun! Hope you guys had a good time at practice!

    • Yes! Little, wild human visitors! We’re very tired indeed, but we’ve been resting up today. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Yup! 😉 She had a blast with them and was a gentle little herder. Now she’s soooo tired! Haha.
      Thank you for stopping by, Johann!

    • Thank you! :)
      Yup! It was wild and crazy and very LOUD for 48 long hours, haha. But Petal loves them and had fun, though she is completely exhausted now and has spent most of today snoozing, lol.

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