We chose snow over breakfast


Last night and this morning we finally got the snow Petal and I wanted. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland (pictured above is our early morning view of our front yard (up to the two trees, then it’s the road and then our neighbor’s yard starts at the fence)). Normally when we first wake up we get breakfast and then we wait a few hours before we do anything active, to avoid upset tummies or bloat. But this morning was different. This morning we were excited about the snow. Too excited for breakfast. So we bundled up and ran outside. The only logical thing to do.


See the flakes in front of Petal’s face? Yup, it was snowing pretty heavily when we ran out there at 7:30 this morning.


Snow on her nose, whiskers, face and body.


“And in my eyes too!”


“Seriously. IN my eye!”

We played out there, just the two of us, for a little while before we trekked back inside for breakfast.

A few hours later, around 11 AM, we went back outside with my sister’s dog Penny and the two of them let loose.

yaysnow6 yaysnow7 yaysnow8

You see how Petal’s paw is raised and Penny appears to have no head?

Yeah, don’t mess with Petal, she’ll knock your head off. 😉

yaysnow9 yaysnow10 yaysnow11 yaysnow12

They played nonstop for 30+ minutes, racing around the yard, wrestling each other, sneaking up on each other, barking at the neighbors and just having a blast.


Which made for one very happy Petal dog!

FitDog Friday

Today we’re joining the FitDog Friday blog hop for the first time. Thanks to the hosts Slimdoggy, Peggy’s Pet Palace and To Dog With Love.

Dancing for Snow

Hi all, Petal here. I’m here to tell you all about my poor snowless life.

I have no snow. Unless you count this patch right here.


There are a few other patches here and there, but they’re mostly muddy and ice-like now. Definitely not the kind that’s fun to play in or eat.

It’s not fair! It’s January! It should not be 55 degrees outside.

So today I decided to do a snow dance. Like a rain dance, but for snow.

I know nothing about snow dances, or rain dances, but I’m sure it’ll work anyway.

Here’s what I did: first I spun around in a circle three times…


Then I prepared to jump…


Up to the sky I jumped!

You must jump several times.

Throw in some Jazz Hands; Mother Nature will appreciate your style and pizzazz.


Then, just in case the dance wasn’t enough, I looked up to the sky and begged a little.


Thinking about snow made me wish I could taste some! I continued to look up at the sky as I licked my lips so she would know how badly I want some snow.


May I have some snow? Pleaaaase, Miss Sky?

Oh I hope it works!

Cross your paws, friends!

XOXO Petal

Black & White Sunday: This morning

BWsundaymorning1 BWsundaymorning2 BWsundaymorning3 BWsundaymorning4

Good morning everyone! Petal has eaten breakfast, brushed her teeth, did some training, played outside with me and posed for pictures. Now we’re curled up on the couch together. I’m watching Harry Potter (squee!) and Petal is catching up on some sleep. We had five little visitors from the ages of 7-1 stay with us from Thursday afternoon until yesterday afternoon and we’re dog-tired now! We’ll be kicking back for the rest of this Sunday.

What are you guys doing this Sunday? Staying in or venturing out?

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Black & White Sunday: Stormy day

Yesterday was a very stormy looking day.


I was hoping we were in for more snow.


But nothing ever came from those dark, gloomy looking skies. Nothing but freezing cold air.

Today we are joining the Black & Sunday blog hop hosted by lovelies Dachshund Nola and Sugar.


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