Dancing for Snow

Hi all, Petal here. I’m here to tell you all about my poor snowless life.

I have no snow. Unless you count this patch right here.


There are a few other patches here and there, but they’re mostly muddy and ice-like now. Definitely not the kind that’s fun to play in or eat.

It’s not fair! It’s January! It should not be 55 degrees outside.

So today I decided to do a snow dance. Like a rain dance, but for snow.

I know nothing about snow dances, or rain dances, but I’m sure it’ll work anyway.

Here’s what I did: first I spun around in a circle three times…


Then I prepared to jump…


Up to the sky I jumped!

You must jump several times.

Throw in some Jazz Hands; Mother Nature will appreciate your style and pizzazz.


Then, just in case the dance wasn’t enough, I looked up to the sky and begged a little.


Thinking about snow made me wish I could taste some! I continued to look up at the sky as I licked my lips so she would know how badly I want some snow.


May I have some snow? Pleaaaase, Miss Sky?

Oh I hope it works!

Cross your paws, friends!

XOXO Petal

14 thoughts on “Dancing for Snow

    • Definitely. Rain in the middle of a hike, no thanks! (says Petal, admittedly, I have a huge thing for rain and probably wouldn’t mind it, so long as there was no thunder or lightning, yikes!)

      Thanks for stopping by Dina!

  1. I will send you our snow!!! 55 degrees? It’s 13 degrees with a foot of snow here, I will trade you!

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