Tearin’ Up the Snow

Petal and her cousin, Penny, have been having fun tearing up the snow this winter.
While I have fun photographing it.

Or, at least, I have fun trying to capture their craziness.
I’m not always fast enough.


snowfunWM5Running from the Penny Beast while also bracing herself just incase she doesn’t make it out in time.

snowfunWM2The Penny Beast glides upon the snow. You better run faster than fast, Petal!

snowfunWM6Have you ever tried to tango in the snow?

snowfunWM3A couple of goofs.

snowfunWM4One happy dog.
This dog is addicted to snow. She would play out in the snow 257 times a day if it were up to her.

Who else has snow? Does your dog (or cat, perhaps) love it or hate it?
For those of you who don’t have snow currently/don’t get snow, has your dog ever seen snow? How did they react?

Yay! More snow!

Yesterday, at midnight, we finally received a generous amount of snow, just in time for December!
Ella acts pretty excited about it, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be out there any longer than it takes to do her business. ;] So she stayed in the nice warm house while I took the Collies out to play in the snow! And now I have pictures and a video to share with you all.

Petal zooms!

Petal & Lassie. Note that in the last picture Petal is showing Lassie the yellow snow (that she created) and explaining to him that we don’t eat the yellow snow. ;]

Pretty little snow angel.

It was really windy when I recorded this and the sound was super obnoxious, so I threw in a Christmas song instead. Enjoy!

Is anyone else enjoying some snow? What do your dogs like to do in the snow?