15 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday: Winter Snow

  1. I have always loved the angles through the branches or leaves and you captured that perfectly with your second shot. Just love it!

    The last time I found you, you were still two collies and a mutt and I am so sorry to hear about you loss since that time. I love the new blog title and the meaning behind it. I think we could all dedicate our lives and it wouldn’t begin to come close to what a dog can really give.

    Best wishes to you and have a Merry Christmas!
    24 Paws of Love
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    • Thank you, for both the sweet comment on my photo and on my new blog title. I felt I needed a positive change in my life, after experiencing so many negative changes. I wanted to dedicate something to Lassie and have something to remember him by.

      Best wishes to you as well and I hope you have a Merry Christmas too! Thanks for stopping by.
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    • Oh she did! She definitely did. Unfortunately there was an extremely busy street just a few feet away, so we had to have our fun on the leash. 😉

      Thank you for stopping by, Sugar! You’re such a sweetheart. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Petal is adorable. So sorry for your loss, as someone mentioned. The snowy photos are beautiful. We had a loss too. Matilda is no longer with us.

    -Terry and Livvie and Kessie from MatildasJourney.com
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    • Thank you very much, Terry. I’m so sorry to hear about Matilda. Remember she’s always with you in spirit. It’s not the same, but reminding myself of that can sometimes bring me a bit of comfort and I hope it can do the same for you. <3

    • It was! Hehe, she was just being silly for the camera. 😉 She adores the snow! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We appreciate it. :)

    • Although I don’t really like to be out in the snow, I do think it’s pretty. Great photos and I agree with Rebecca, Petal looks excited to be in the snow.

    • Looks like we are going to have a fairly white Christmas! Some of the snow has melted with the slightly warmer weather we’ve had, but we still have a fair amount of snow. Though it’s not so pretty and fresh looking anymore, haha. 😉 Thanks for stopping by! We love hearing from you two, Rebecca and Teach!

      It is really pretty, isn’t it, Amy? We love it. Petal is always very excited to go out in the snow. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Amy! :)

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