We chose snow over breakfast


Last night and this morning we finally got the snow Petal and I wanted. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland (pictured above is our early morning view of our front yard (up to the two trees, then it’s the road and then our neighbor’s yard starts at the fence)). Normally when we first wake up we get breakfast and then we wait a few hours before we do anything active, to avoid upset tummies or bloat. But this morning was different. This morning we were excited about the snow. Too excited for breakfast. So we bundled up and ran outside. The only logical thing to do.


See the flakes in front of Petal’s face? Yup, it was snowing pretty heavily when we ran out there at 7:30 this morning.


Snow on her nose, whiskers, face and body.


“And in my eyes too!”


“Seriously. IN my eye!”

We played out there, just the two of us, for a little while before we trekked back inside for breakfast.

A few hours later, around 11 AM, we went back outside with my sister’s dog Penny and the two of them let loose.

yaysnow6 yaysnow7 yaysnow8

You see how Petal’s paw is raised and Penny appears to have no head?

Yeah, don’t mess with Petal, she’ll knock your head off. 😉

yaysnow9 yaysnow10 yaysnow11 yaysnow12

They played nonstop for 30+ minutes, racing around the yard, wrestling each other, sneaking up on each other, barking at the neighbors and just having a blast.


Which made for one very happy Petal dog!

FitDog Friday

Today we’re joining the FitDog Friday blog hop for the first time. Thanks to the hosts Slimdoggy, Peggy’s Pet Palace and To Dog With Love.

Sleepy Puppy

 photo sleepypenny1.png
 photo sleepypenny2.png
 photo sleepypenny3.png


Penny outgrew her black puppy collar, so I fitted her in one of Ella’s old ones.
A bittersweet moment for me. I used one Ella hadn’t worn in a long while, just to make it easier for myself. A light blue collar with hearts that are wearing off; the collar I bought her from Target before I discovered the durable Dublin Dog collars (that saved me a boatload of money, if only I had discovered them sooner for Ella The Destroyer of Collars).

Penny is so much like Ella that I often wish I could’ve seen how Ella would’ve felt about having a mini-me around.
Would she have loved it? Or would it have annoyed her?
I miss that crazy dog.


Hey everyone, Petal here.
I’ve taken over the keyboard to warn all you doggies that my cousin, Penny, is a dirty, lousy, ankle biting, tail snatching cheater.
 photo pennycutie.png
Don’t think this sweet little face is capable of cheating?
Well, you’re wrong. So wrong, friends.
Just look at the photographic proof!
Example number 1:
Here I am, minding my own business,

 photo petalbusiness.png

Then all of the sudden,

 photo POWsneakattack.png

she came running out of no where and body slammed me!
Thud, right against my ribs.
Good thing I’m a super strong super hero and just laughed it off, like super strong pups do.

 photo laughitoff.png

Example number 2:

Here we are, enjoying a lovely game of chase, but why is Penny running with her mouth wide open like that?

 photo readyforamouthful1.png

Looks like she’s getting ready to take a bite out of something, doesn’t she?
That’s because she is.

 photo caughther2.png

Yes, that IS my tail in her mouth! The little piranha!

 photo cheater3.png

You see, Penny is jealous of my spectacular speed, but instead of simply being faster, she grabs hold of my tail to keep up.

 photo cheater4.png
 photo cheater5.png

Case closed.
Penny is a cheater cheater, poopoo pumpkin eater.
But we still have fun.

Yours truly,
 photo petalsignature.png

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: More snow?!

 photo snowhead41613.png
He doesn’t look very impressed with the pile of snow my little sister put on his head, does he?

 photo aprilsnow41713.png
 photo april1713.png
 photo snowwar41713.png

P.S. What do you think of our new look?
Funny enough I changed the blog’s look because I didn’t want a snowy header anymore (I couldn’t change just the header, once I got going I couldn’t stop until it was all changed, haha), I wanted a fresh look. So I revamped the place during yesterday’s snow storm.
I have good timing, I know.

April showers bring May flowers

Sunday night we had some loud, crazy, kinda scary, wind.
Then Monday it rained.
Today it snowed.
Yup, more snow!

Not much, just a light dusting, but that didn’t matter, Petal was still excited. 
She kept leading me to the leashes, barking at me and then nudging the leashes with her nose.
Who could say no to that?
Not me, that’s for sure.

 photo april92013.png
Today looks like this.

So I bundled up and took them outside.
Despite all the layers I wore, I still nearly froze (the wind was ice cold).
But it was worth it to watch them race around the yard.

 photo zoominpetal4913.png
 photo chasin4913.png

Petal and Penny played “circle around the weird box thing that’s been here way longer than any of us have!”
Petal won, as always. Penny cried, as always.
She’s still not as fast as Petal.

 photo pennyzoomin4913.png
Ignore the weeds. I gotta get those pulled.

They also played fetch…
 photo petalskips.png
I swear Petal knows how to skip. ;P

 photo ballpenpet4913.png

Okay, so Penny played fetch, Petal just ran along beside her.
Petal says it’s only fair to let Penny win at something. 😉

 photo pennysearslove.png
Look at those ears!

And what did Lassie do, you ask?
He poked around the yard a little, peeing here and there, but mostly he just followed me around, enjoying the wind,
 photo enjoywind4913.png
and the camera. 😉

Now I’m ready for a nap.

 photo april92013_2.png