Hey everyone, Petal here.
I’ve taken over the keyboard to warn all you doggies that my cousin, Penny, is a dirty, lousy, ankle biting, tail snatching cheater.
 photo pennycutie.png
Don’t think this sweet little face is capable of cheating?
Well, you’re wrong. So wrong, friends.
Just look at the photographic proof!
Example number 1:
Here I am, minding my own business,

 photo petalbusiness.png

Then all of the sudden,

 photo POWsneakattack.png

she came running out of no where and body slammed me!
Thud, right against my ribs.
Good thing I’m a super strong super hero and just laughed it off, like super strong pups do.

 photo laughitoff.png

Example number 2:

Here we are, enjoying a lovely game of chase, but why is Penny running with her mouth wide open like that?

 photo readyforamouthful1.png

Looks like she’s getting ready to take a bite out of something, doesn’t she?
That’s because she is.

 photo caughther2.png

Yes, that IS my tail in her mouth! The little piranha!

 photo cheater3.png

You see, Penny is jealous of my spectacular speed, but instead of simply being faster, she grabs hold of my tail to keep up.

 photo cheater4.png
 photo cheater5.png

Case closed.
Penny is a cheater cheater, poopoo pumpkin eater.
But we still have fun.

Yours truly,
 photo petalsignature.png

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  1. Well you can’t be top of the pile all the time, Petal. And she wasn’t CHEATING, she was being cunning!

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