#ShareGratitude for Ella

Image of Ella looking happy as she gets her ear rubbed.
For those of you who may be new here, Ella is my lab mix, my second dog of my very own, who passed away far too young in August of 2012. Just as I am grateful for having known Lassie and having been loved by Lassie, I am grateful for having known Ella and having been loved by her. She was a sweetheart, loving, goofy, headstrong and strong. She was fast, she was wild, she was bossy, she was loved, by me and Lassie and Petal and the rest of my family.
Image of Petal and Ella standing side by side, Petal has her tail wrapped over Ella's shoulders.

I am so grateful for having known and loved such a loving and crazy dog. I’m grateful Petal was able to know her and learn a few of her wild ways. I’m grateful for every memory and every learning experience. I’m grateful for the company and companionship she provided me and Lassie after our family Great Dane passed away. I have no doubt that Ella helped Lassie through that, I know she helped me.

Image of Ella looking at the camera with her tongue hanging out.

Thank you, baby girl, for everything you taught me and for your endless patience with me as I learned. I love and miss you, Smella Ella.

Image of Ella rolling around in tall grass.

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