April showers bring May flowers

Sunday night we had some loud, crazy, kinda scary, wind.
Then Monday it rained.
Today it snowed.
Yup, more snow!

Not much, just a light dusting, but that didn’t matter, Petal was still excited. 
She kept leading me to the leashes, barking at me and then nudging the leashes with her nose.
Who could say no to that?
Not me, that’s for sure.

 photo april92013.png
Today looks like this.

So I bundled up and took them outside.
Despite all the layers I wore, I still nearly froze (the wind was ice cold).
But it was worth it to watch them race around the yard.

 photo zoominpetal4913.png
 photo chasin4913.png

Petal and Penny played “circle around the weird box thing that’s been here way longer than any of us have!”
Petal won, as always. Penny cried, as always.
She’s still not as fast as Petal.

 photo pennyzoomin4913.png
Ignore the weeds. I gotta get those pulled.

They also played fetch…
 photo petalskips.png
I swear Petal knows how to skip. ;P

 photo ballpenpet4913.png

Okay, so Penny played fetch, Petal just ran along beside her.
Petal says it’s only fair to let Penny win at something. 😉

 photo pennysearslove.png
Look at those ears!

And what did Lassie do, you ask?
He poked around the yard a little, peeing here and there, but mostly he just followed me around, enjoying the wind,
 photo enjoywind4913.png
and the camera. 😉

Now I’m ready for a nap.

 photo april92013_2.png

6 thoughts on “April showers bring May flowers

  1. i guess with all that running around, petal & penny didn’t have time to be cold.
    lassie looks so majestic! beautiful shot.
    wags, bailey

  2. Wow! These pictures are stunning! Either you are an amazing photographer or your doggies are wonderful supermodels! The answer is: BOTH!! 😉

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