Our Slightly Late New Year’s Resolutions.

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. Typically you come up with resolutions before the New Year begins, but… well, I did not. I wasn’t going to, but then Petal decided she wanted to make some, so I thought I should too.


Petal’s Resolutions:
1. Spend more time modeling, thus earning more treats
2. Spend more time being adorable, thus earning more treats
3. Spend more time mastering tricks faster than my human can, thus earning more treats
4. Spend more time pinning my ears back and looking pathetic, thus earning more treats

Umm… So basically, Petal’s New Years resolution is to get fat.

My Dog Related Resolutions:
1. Buy, as often as I can, dog products made in the USA (just a fun little challenge)
2. Buy Petal’s supplies locally as often as possible
3. Spend more time thinking of clever ways/finding cool places to take pictures of Petal
4. Do my best to save for and plan for a road trip with Petal (I really want to take her to a beach)
5. Start making room for and searching for a sister for Petal

Oh, Petal wants to add one two more to her list after reading mine:
5. Start charging more (treats) for my modeling services
6. Prevent Mom from getting me a sister, a sister would cause my treat rations to be cut in half and that would mess up all of my resolutions. Not cool, lady.

If this is her list, then I should add one more to mine as well:
6. I resolve to exercise Petal, and myself, more. 😉

Did you guys make any New Year’s Resolutions?

Saying Goodbye to 2012

I must admit that I’m excited to see 2012 go. It feels like it’s been one exhausting year and I’m ready for a new year. A new start.
I’m excited to see what 2013 brings us.
I thought it would be fun to look back on 2012 with a post from each month of 2012.
There is a snapshot from each post and if you click on it (or the post title below it) it’ll take you to the full post.
I still think that was what she was up to
This post inspired many more posts which eventually earned their own page. *points up* “My Dog Does… “

What can I say? My Ella was a gifted little nut.

Watch out for that Easter Bunny, guys.

Lassie causes trouble. :O

Ella liked to trap poor, unsuspecting Collies.

Ella celebrated her sixth birthday.

The very worst part of 2012.
She passed away the same day my grandpa did 4 years prior.
I also want to link to this post: Our gratitude because I am still so grateful and still so in awe of all of  you and your kindness.

Petal kept me smiling after Ella’s sudden passing.
This dog is wonderful.

Lassie’s eighth birthday!

Just a few of the things I was thankful for in 2012.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
So I couldn’t resist linking to 3 posts for December. I had to link to Petal’s birthday and to Lassie’s gotcha day and then, of course, I had to link to a Christmas-y post. 😉

Thank you all for following us through 2012 and being so kind to us. We love you guys.
I hope you all have a fun, and safe, New Year’s Eve and a wonderful new year!

A New Year

It’s so strange to see, on the right hand side, under “All Posts”, a new year.
A third year of blogging.
2010 has a pathetic amount of posts and then 2011 easily outdid 2010 as far as post count goes.
I wonder if 2012 will be able to keep up and outshine 2011.
I’m curious to see what this new year will bring for me and my dogs. I hope it’s good.
Especially if it’s supposedly the last year before the end of the world.
Then it had better be pretty darn amazing!
(I still think that the Mayan’s just got too tired and figured someone else would finish the calender for them if people were still around come 2012).

2011 brought a lot of new experiences and memories with the dogs.
Like Petal’s first camping trip.
The dogs tried bully sticks for the first time.
Petal learned how to p a i n t.
Lassie earned his CGC.
I caught two pets, that supposedly don’t enjoy each other’s company much, SPOONING.
The dogs found a new l o v e.
And the girls took up yoga.
Petal made a new friend and had a sleepover.
We wrote our very first review and really enjoyed it.
And so much more!

2011 was a great year.
Thank you all for following, reading, commenting and just being awesome in general.

Bring it on 2012!

“What’s that, Lassie?!”
“I think it’s a new year, Ella!”