Our Slightly Late New Year’s Resolutions.

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. Typically you come up with resolutions before the New Year begins, but… well, I did not. I wasn’t going to, but then Petal decided she wanted to make some, so I thought I should too.


Petal’s Resolutions:
1. Spend more time modeling, thus earning more treats
2. Spend more time being adorable, thus earning more treats
3. Spend more time mastering tricks faster than my human can, thus earning more treats
4. Spend more time pinning my ears back and looking pathetic, thus earning more treats

Umm… So basically, Petal’s New Years resolution is to get fat.

My Dog Related Resolutions:
1. Buy, as often as I can, dog products made in the USA (just a fun little challenge)
2. Buy Petal’s supplies locally as often as possible
3. Spend more time thinking of clever ways/finding cool places to take pictures of Petal
4. Do my best to save for and plan for a road trip with Petal (I really want to take her to a beach)
5. Start making room for and searching for a sister for Petal

Oh, Petal wants to add one two more to her list after reading mine:
5. Start charging more (treats) for my modeling services
6. Prevent Mom from getting me a sister, a sister would cause my treat rations to be cut in half and that would mess up all of my resolutions. Not cool, lady.

If this is her list, then I should add one more to mine as well:
6. I resolve to exercise Petal, and myself, more. πŸ˜‰

Did you guys make any New Year’s Resolutions?

7 thoughts on “Our Slightly Late New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. In thinking about your beach trip, just wanted to let you know that my collie does NOT like water. I put a baby pool on the back deck this summer for my retriever to play in – she love it! The collie tried her best to get the floating toys WITHOUT ever having to put a paw in the water. I have a feeling when I get to the beach or lake with them, collie will be standing on the beach/edge barking at the retriever to get out of the water and play with her!

    • Hahaha! Sounds like classic collie. πŸ˜‰ I was able to take Lassie to a beach in Washington in 2009, before Petal joined the family, and he went into the water, much to my surprise (he refused to walk through puddles but the ocean was fine? whaaat? haha). But he would go no where near far enough to have to actually swim and the moment a wave splashed water up his nose, he had had enough of that, lol!

      So it’ll certainly be interesting to see how Petal reacts. She use to love to play in muddy water, that went up to her chest, with Ella, but I don’t know if that’s just because Ella did and Petal liked to copy her or if she truly enjoyed it.

  2. You all would love the beach and pictures there are awesome. Teach is with Petal on no brothers because he is stingy with his treats. He already has to share to much when his Aunt Roxy comes to visit.
    ~Rebecca & Teach
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    • I hope she would! Lassie enjoyed the beach, except for the ocean water up his nose and the man in the creepy wetsuit. ;P
      LOL! Petal and Teach will have to form a “No Siblings Allowed” pact or something together. πŸ˜‰

  3. Only made one resolution this year, and that was with Slimdoggy and Keep the Tail Wagging to “RESOLVE TO MOVE YOUR MUTT.” I figure this way, I can try to remove those unsightly pounds I put on over the holidays, allowing Harley & Leo to train me! Their motivation? Treats of course.
    Just stopped by to say Hi and have a doodle*licious week.

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