30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A few of the first photos of the New Year

  1. What is the blue toy in her mouth in the picture? My collie likes it when I throw something for her on walks with the retractable leash – then she runs and ttys to keep it away from me! Petal is SUCH a beautiful girl. Although I have not met you and Petal, my opinion is that you DO capture her spirit in your photos and I love to see it!

    • It’s a Kong Squeezz stick. She got it from a sweet friend of mine for Christmas. She loves it!
      LOL! That must be a collie thing because Petal LOVES to play keep away, so did Lassie. Goofy collies. 😉

      Thank you so much. That’s really sweet. Her sweet, silly, sassy, and happy spirit is what I strive to capture. So that means a lot to me. <3

      • Thanks for your quick reply – I have time to go shopping this weekend so doggies may be getting a new toy :-)
        What type of camera do you use to take your photos of Petal?
        Have a great day! Julie

        • If your doggies like squeaky toys they will love it! 😉
          The camera I use is a Canon EOS Rebel. It is oldddd. I’m not even sure what year it is. It’s got to be, at the very least, 10 or 11 years old. So it’s a really awesome camera that’s still working after a decade of almost daily use. There are a few settings on it that don’t work anymore, but most of the settings work just fine. I love it.
          I hear a lot of great things about Nikon too, but I’ve never used one before.

          • My husband has a “does everything but laundry” Nikon – but it is heavy, and has too many controls to learn. I guess I need to look for a simple but high resolution point and shoot digital camera….guess I know what the first think on my 2014 wish list to Santa will be!

    • I was! The grey toy I was carrying around was a stuff-less raccoon/skunk/mystery animal and the blue toy is a Kong Squeezz stick. Both of them squeak!

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