A little silliness for your Friday.

 photo racingpinkpetpengo.png

Brought to you by Penny and Petal!

 photo tailmunchingracing.png
Penny still holds Petal’s tail in order to keep up.

 photo ballerinapenny.png
Penny is also learning ballet!
(She’s also working on gaining a few more pounds).

 photo sonicbark.png
Petal uses her Sonic Bark!

It makes your tongue loll out and your eyes go all wonky.

I’ll leave you all with one last picture…

 photo nightmarish.png

Happy Nightmares.

(Petal looks like that because Penny just chomped on her booty, just in case you were wondering).

3 thoughts on “Silliness

  1. Whoa, not that got mt attention, Pedal looks like something coming out of the deep ocean, will have to sleep very close to bites tonight!

    The Mad scots

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