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It’s a rainy day today, so we’re trapped inside.
As you can see silly things happen when we’re trapped inside. My little sister had fun messing with Petal’s face while I had fun taking pictures.
Petal is very patient, incase you hadn’t noticed. 😉

I could use a little more patience today. My laptop, after serving me faithfully for nearly seven years, may have finally bit the dust. It won’t charge anymore and it makes funny noises when you open it.
Neither one are good signs, I’m thinking.
So I downloaded the Blogger app and a few photo editing apps onto my iPod Touch. The Blogger app is lame. Why can’t I center the content of my post? (“But Marquie! This post IS centered!” you say; I’ll explain in just a moment). And why must you do such a crummy job of resizing my picture?

So I downloaded the Photobucket app, hoping I could resize the above image there.
I have yet to figure it out.

After growling at my iPod many, many times, I finally took up my sister’s offer to borrow her laptop. She even made me my own account.
I know. She’s awesome.

So here I am. Praise be the laptop.

The rain hail is pouring, pouring, pouring now!
Good thing I made Kongs this morning. Lassie, Petal and Penny can only nap for so long.

Just kidding. It’s done now… for now.
That’s Utah for you.

9 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I know what rain can do…and a lousy laptop or internet for that matter. Have had enough of it lately!

  2. We finally got out today after being trapped inside for the opposite reason- too much hot sun! And I would not have made it without my laptop. You’re very brave…

  3. nooo, your laptop died?! poor thing. poor YOU! how frustrating. :(
    but… Petal sure is adorable 😉

  4. Love Petals face!!! Luna lets me do the same to her, sometimes I just can’t stop :) Sorry for your laptop woes. I had one, but killed it after I dropped liquid on it. No fun!

  5. Hate, hate the blogger app!!! So sorry about your laptop. Your sister was nice to let you borrow hers. And Petal does have patience … but that is a Collie thing!

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