Just Petal

Sunday evening I went for a walk with Petal and my youngest sister around the university campus. It’s beautiful there with all it’s trees and flowers and beautiful landscaping.
Here’s some of what we saw on our walk.
 photo 9074535772_b68e96ec74_z.jpg

 We saw lots of pretty flowers…

 photo 9072398431_d63c3754aa_z.jpg
  photo 9072309453_91f7b77af5_z.jpg   photo 9072319047_ddb90ef50c_z.jpg   photo 9072318461_fe5e91fba9_z.jpg photo 9074579866_bfb45698b0_z.jpg photo 9072353449_2593476567_z.jpg
 photo 9072403513_dd6d12d5ff_z.jpg
 photo 9074630112_3fae7a0794_z.jpg
 photo 9072405497_242aeb3034_z.jpg

A winding path…

 photo 9072311147_1f58b544ba_z.jpg

A spotless ladybug…

 photo 9074575642_c64454bbaf_z.jpg

A colorful bus…

 photo 9074622514_aca90d28f4_z.jpg

Lots of people riding bikes…

 photo 9074621412_3690626b30_z.jpg

And I saw plenty of this cute booty…

 photo 9074596190_f408ed358a_z.jpg

And the sweet face on the other end. 😉

 photo 9074563046_6cb8e190ed_z.jpg photo 9074611972_d93b688c81_z.jpg
“I am Queen of all the land!”

I had her climb up on this rock. She looked pretty proud of herself up there.
Even though I had her in a stay, I had my sister hold her leash while I took pictures. We were too close to a busy road for my comfort.

 photo 9074604264_ca4ca85e8a_z.jpg
 photo 9072381003_449f2627b2_z.jpg
 photo 9072377013_6c92387230_z.jpg

 photo 9072396851_2597bb7dba_z.jpg
“You gotta use the crosswalk to cross the street!”

Petal also met a 15 year old buddy named Rufus. He was out for a stroll with his human too.
I didn’t get any pictures of that though.

  photo 9072365931_626ba6402c_z.jpg
 Petal exactly where she belongs: with the petals. 😉

It was a beautiful, relaxing walk.

P.S. If you haven’t already, please go send some love to Benny & Lily of Two French Bulldogs.

 photo 9072345057_d43208cd52_z.jpg

Petal wants to remind all you doggies to have your human enter you in our KONG Treats giveaway! They’re very tasty treats. 😉

5 thoughts on “Just Petal

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love her leash, where did you get it? And do you have something connecting her harness to her collar? That looks neat!

    • Thanks Nola! I got her leash from MyRopes.com. They have lots of lengths and colors to choose from (I think they may even have your signature blue ;). But they do tend to snag easily. I don’t know if you can tell from any of the pictures, but it has a few snags from her puppy days and my still ongoing clumsy get-the-leash-caught-on-everything days. Other than that, they’re great leashes. I have two others and I’ve had them for years.

      I do have something connecting her harness to her collar, yes. Miss Houdini likes to impress me with her harness escaping skills, so I took the little safety strap that normally connects a Head Halti to a collar, and used it to connect her harness to her martingale collar, just in case. It’s just a thin piece of nylon with a loop on one end (to thread itself through) and a tiny little clip on the other.
      I don’t know if I explained that well, so here’s a link to a picture of it: http://www.companyofanimals.us/products/dog-training-and-accessories/stop-pulling/halti-link

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