Monday Mischief: Wardrobe Malfunction

Hello everyone, I pushed Mom aside today so I could write about HER mischief today. That’s right, while I have been perfectly well behaved (don’t look at Mom for the answer, she lies, just trust me, I’ve been good) and the perfect little model for my Mom’s Valentine’s Day shoot, she has been seriously slacking on her duties.

For example, she rewarded my lovely modeling with chicken, which was great and I was very thankful, but she could’ve given me a bit more. No need to be stingy, lady.

Worst of all, when my headband slipped did she fix it?

No. Not before taking a picture first.

I thought we were professionals here?

Here’s what happened:

Collie ears behind pink sparkly heart antennas.

I was posing pretty.

Side shot of Collie ears behind pink sparkly heart antennas.

But then I heard something. I turned my head to look but I saw nothing.

Just to be safe though, I decided I should bark at it. It could’ve been danger and it was my job to bark. So I barked and…

Picture of Petal the Collie with a heart antenna head band falling over her eyes.

 almost barked my headband right off. Whoops.

But did my photographer promptly fix it?

No. She took that picture instead.

Petal lying in snow with heart antennas on her head and I Love You necklaces on her leg.

Good help can be so hard to find!

Have your humans dressed you up for Valentine’s photos? Did you get a yummy reward?

I sure hope they weren’t stingy about them.


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