Tasty Tuesday – Fruity KONG Stuffing

Petal the Collie with heart antenna headband on her head.

“I deserve a delicious treat for this.”

All of Petal’s hard work modeling for Valentine’s makes her deserving of a great treat, don’t you think? Petal certainly thinks so and I do too. One of her favorite treats is a KONG stuffed with yummy stuff. She loves to have a banana frozen in her KONG with a little bit of peanut butter. She loves to have yogurt, veggies, fruits, her regular meals and anything else I can think of in her KONG.

Last week I made her a KONG with the following:

  • buckwheat
  • bananas
  • strawberries (sliced into small pieces)
  • raspberries

I threw 4 ounces (somewhere around 350 calories worth (I worked it into Petal’s daily meal allowance, you may want to do the same)) of cooked organic white buckwheat into a bowl with 1 banana, about 3 or 4 cut up strawberries and a few raspberries. I mixed and mashed it all up and made a yummy grain-free snack.

Picture 1: Bowl of banana pieces, strawberries chopped into small pieces, raspberries and cooked buckwheat groats. Picture 2: the ingredients all mashed together.

Did you know buckwheat isn’t a grain? It’s a plant from the rhubarb family. I learned that from Kol’s Notes (thanks guys ;)). I would’ve assumed buckwheat to be, well, wheat. It is not.

I was able to stuff (completely full) 1 x-large KONG Classic (for Petal, though technically she should eat from a large size, but whatevs) and 1 large KONG Extreme (for Penny) and I still had a large spoonful left over.

Photo of a dog toy: an x-large KONG Classic, stuffed with food.

Next time I’ll freeze it to make it more challenging. I didn’t this time because Petal hadn’t had breakfast yet (it was cooking in the oven) and I made this to hold her off.

Did it work?

Petal licking her KONG treat

“Mmm. Not bad. Not bad at all… “

Petal taking her toy KONG

“I’ll just be taking this. Thank you.”

Yes. Yes it did. It kept her happy, busy and her belly fed until her food was done cooking and cooling.

Do your dogs enjoy KONG treats? Do you freeze them or serve them unfrozen? What is your dogs favorite KONG stuffing recipe? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Today we’re joining the Tasty Tuesday blog hop hosted by Kol’s Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Go check them out for some super tasty recipes and details on the blog hop.

14 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Fruity KONG Stuffing

  1. We mostly just put peanut butter and freeze it. We used to feed the retriever her kibble ONLY in the KONG Wobbler to keep her from eating too fast and gagging/choking herself. We have now moved on to the slow feeder bowls from……ugh! Can’t remember the vendor! One looks flower shaped and one is spiral……

    • Can’t go wrong with tasty peanut butter! 😉
      I had a KONG Wobbler for a little while. I loved it, but with all the other treat/food puzzles we have we just didn’t use it much. I ended up giving it to my Aunt for her extremely overweight and food-scarfing Beagle, they love it.
      Oh! Flower shaped! Sounds like maybe its from Kyjen? Petal loves their treat puzzles!

  2. I did’t know buckwheat wasn’t, well, wheat! I was really concerned you were using it raw until I read that! Niles used to have a Kong but it was a puppy sized one. After she outgrew it I never got her another one. I have been meaning to get her an adult sized one but just haven’t gotten around to it yet!
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