Positive Training – Favorite Trick

Using Positive Training methods I’ve been able to teach Petal a fair amount of fun tricks. My personal favorite is High Five. I taught Petal this trick to get her to stop slapping me. Those of you who have been reading our blog since we were Two Collies and a Mutt will remember Ella the mutt (if you’re new here, click here to see Ella). Ella loved to slap people. I don’t know why, but it hurt. I tried so many different things to try and get her to stop, but nothing worked. She wasn’t interested in turning that slap into a hand shake or a high five, unless of course it was a high five to your face. After Ella passed away Petal started slapping. It made me smile at first, reminding me of the silly lab mix I missed so much, but then it got annoying. So whenever Petal went for my face with her paw, I offered her my palm and praised her whenever she made contact with it. Problem solved!

I love this trick because there is something so satisfying about receiving a high five after accomplishing something and a high five from a dog is just plain adorable.

Image of Petal giving my hand a High Five.

High five after we made it up the steep hill of our hike.

Image of Petal's paw against my hand, high five!Image of our beautiful view of the valley and mountains

Check out the view! It was stunning.

Image of Petal sitting in front of the incredible view.

Image of Petal with her paw against my hand and she leans forward to sniff my fingers.

“Alright, where is my treat?”

Positive Pet Training Blog Hop Badge Today we are (belatedly, shhh, don’t tell) joining the monthly Positive Pet Training blog hop hosted by Cascadian Nomads, Dachshund Nola and Tenacious Little Terrier.

8 thoughts on “Positive Training – Favorite Trick

  1. Turning a bad habit into a trick is the ultimate awesome in positive pet training!!! Huxley has a pawing habit so just last night I started to label it and made it a fun game. We were both so happy instead of frustrated/annoyed. I need to think of something to turn Brychwyn’s awful jumping into… It’s hard for a short dog to high five. I’m so glad you joined the hop- not late! The Linky is open all week for a reason! :)

  2. High five is a favorite here too. Bruce has accidently slapped my OH in the face, cutting him… O.o

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