That’s the Perfect Name for Her

Black and white image of Petal with a flower on her head.

What do you get when you stick a flower on a collie? Collieflower!

 I took Petal to the vet earlier this week (she had a very upset tummy and was feeling miserable, but she’s bouncing back wonderfully, so no worries) and it was our first time going to this vet, so we were both nervous. Everyone loved Petal though. The vet and three other staff members told me that Petal was the perfect name for her, she’s so little and dainty and soft, like a flower.
Black and white close up image of Petal's nose sniffing a flower.
I wonder if they’ll still think that once they meet Not-Sick-And-Miserable Petal.

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12 thoughts on “That’s the Perfect Name for Her

  1. Yes it is. Golden Healing Thoughts. Going to the vet is not always easy but sure helps having great staff n vet. Have a wonderful Sunday. Golden Woofs
    Golden Woofs: Sugar recently posted…Hello JUNEMy Profile

  2. Happy to hear that Petal is feeling better, and I think that photo of Petal’s nose and the daisy is one of my all-time favorites. Absolutely beautiful!

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