cause you’re cuter than a cupcake

Ten reasons why Petal is cuter than a cupcake.
  1. your ears stand straight up, unless you’re eating, then you hold them down like your head is a plane and you’re preparing to land.
  2. you have an overbite that makes you look like varies cartoon characters, like Scrat.
  3. you have a petal on your head.
  4. you have freckles on your nose and you have to wear sunscreen to protect the small visible amount of pink skin on your nosey.
  5. you notice the birds in the sky and watch them with awe and fascination, sometimes you even start to run with them as if you think you might be able to fly too.
  6. you wake me up gently by lightly sniffing and licking my face.
  7. you like to sleep on top of mounds of pillows and/or blankets.
  8. you’d do anything for a cookie.
  9. you carry your Orbee with a rope around like it’s your child. though sometimes you ditch it in random spots just to watch me fetch it for you.
  10. even though you often have the attention span of a squirrel, you are capable of focusing and you are a very brilliant little doggy.